Bengal cat breed: 8 Secrets That Nobody Will Tell You!

Bengal cat breed - Secrets That Nobody Will Tell You!

When you say I have a cat, do you mean a domestic cat or a Bengal cat breed? The living experience with a Bengal cat is not the same as living with the domestic cat. It’s similar to compare like a breed of dog of Jack Russell.

Our Bengal cat is a member of our family and they are very special to us. Because they give us unconditional love, joy, entertainment, and companionship. As our relationship with our Bengal grows, we learn things and lessons from them.

This kind of cat sleeps very little, very intelligent, and requires your full attention. Bengal cat is a whole new experience.

Bengal cat breed: 8 Secrets That Nobody Will Tell You!

Do you want to have a Bengal cat for pet? Sure! why not. But there are a few things you have to know:

1- Is a Bengal cat breed like a dog?

Bengal cats can be the same like a dog. How? Very simple, you can walk outside with a Bengal and it will follow you if you train it. Bengal cat will listen to your commands if you spend enough time with it.

Bengal cat breed is more like a dog than any other cat around. You can train them to stay and sit. And Also you can teach them to play fetch with their favorite toys. Like dogs, Bengals love to ride with their owners in the car.

Unlike most cats, Bengals do seem to really like dogs and love to play with them. Sometimes they tend to prefer a dogs company over that of another cat. If you have a dog in your home, this is good news for you.

2- Strange noises

The Bengal cat breed doesn’t meow quite like other breeds. They have a variety of quirky sounds to choose from. This can be very surprising for first time owners who are only used to the regular meowing sounds.

The video below shows strange noises that a Bengal cat makes:

3- Health, grooming, and family

Bengal cat breed

Bengal cats are a relatively healthy breed. However, due to irresponsible breeding and high demand for these cats, they can be susceptible to cataracts and heart problems.

The Bengal cat is an incredibly efficient self-grooming machine, whose short-haired coat is not going to require much upkeep.

But because of their somewhat wild nature, Bengal cats are only recommended for experienced cat owners who have a lot of time to spend with them. Their activity level dictates that you have an active family.

So in general, the Bengal cat breed is a moderately healthy breed when bred responsibly. They’re incredibly easy in the grooming department and they’re only recommended for families who have experienced cat owners.

4- A highly intelligent breed

This cat breed is more intelligent compared with domestic cats, not because domestic cats are stupid, it’s because Bengal cats understand things which domestic cats can even imagine exists in cats’ world.

The Bengal cat breed has an excellent memory and is good at learning tricks! They can learn how to lift up bin lids, and even open doors!

They can recognize human gestures and expressions, and they adapt their behavior to it.

The video below shows a Bengal cat playing with a dog brick puzzle game and he’s making it look easy as he solves the puzzle. And proves that he’s more intelligent than the Rest!

5- A very active breed

Bengal cat breed - very active
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If you had a domestic cat and your cat is lazy sleep all the time and you bring Bengal cat, don’t be surprised if your domestic cat suddenly started to be active. Why? Because Bengal cat won’t allow the domestic cat to sleep. Bengal cat needs a friend and some partner to spend time and play together.

Bengal cats are extremely active, great jumpers and climbers, and playful with an affectionate and gentle temperament. They can climb to hide in the most unthinkable places.

If you are looking for a feline friend who just wants to curl up and chill in a sunny spot, then a Bengal cat breed probably isn’t for you.

6- Do Bengal cats breed need a lot of attention?

Ways to show cats love - Training

It’s not too complicated to have a Bengal cat but this cat breed requires a lot of attention. It’s not a cat like you used to know, just leave it, have it and everything will be done by itself. No, This cat requires full of you. So if you can give full attention to the Bengal cat, then you can buy it.

But if you think that the Bengal cat is only pretty and you want to have it and to show it, better don’t buy it. Because if you cannot take care of the cat, don’t make her life to be hell.

Bengal cats are full of energy and are not well-suited for anyone who isn’t prepared to devote a lot of time and attention to a pet.

7- Bengal cats are one of the most playful cat breeds

Cat drooling - Cat pleasure

Without the right motivation, Bengal cats get bored easily. That’s why toys are your best friend if you want to give full attention to your Bengal cat and spend time together.

When you have enough room, enough space for your Bengal cat then you are ready to have it, to live with you. Because they cannot stay still in one place. They need to discover, search, play, and they need to destroy whatever they meet.

8- Do Bengal cats like water?

It’s no secret that bathing a cat is like going into a full-on furry warzone.

But do Bengal cat breed like water? Yes! One of the things that is very common with Bengal cats is their love of water and play with water, no matter where the water is!

Don’t be surprised to find a Bengal cat drinking from the tap and dipping their paw into the water bowl and licking it. And may follow their owners to the bath or shower.

It’s amazing just how unafraid of water Bengal cats are. And how entertaining it can be for you to sit back and watch how they playfully and joyfully interact with water.