Borys And Walter: The Cutest Best Friends Ever

Borys and Walter

Who said dogs and cats don’t get along and hate each other? Someone who does not know Borys and Walter, no doubt! This Bengal cat and his friend the English Greyhound are not content to live together in peace. No, they love each other! Borys and Walter are inseparable since the Greyhound arrived in his new family and Borys decided that Walter would be his best friend for life.

This cutest and unlikely pair share every moment together:

Sometimes they yawn together.

Borys And Walter yawn together

They snuggle together.

Borys and Walter snuggle together

And, of course, eating together.

Borys and Walter eating together

And when Walter gets a bath, Borys will keep him company.

when Walter gets a bath, Borys will keep him company

Borys and Walter: A real love at first sight

Walter was saved by The Southern Alberta Greyhound Association from a racetrack in Idaho.

“Walter gets along great with cats, in fact, he loves them!! Neighborhood cats come running up to him on our walks and they frequently play together. Our Bengal was 12 weeks old when we introduced him to Walter and they have been inseparable ever since.”

Did Borys feel that this dog needed a friend, comfort and tenderness? One thing is certain: grace to him, and to the family who collected it, Walter is now a fulfilled dog, ready to forget his sad and trying past.

A beautiful story that is told much better in pictures, especially since the human Borys and Walter is a photographer.

His pictures are simply beautiful.

And do your animals get along well with each other?

You can find more photos here: Borys and Walter at Instagram