Cat Sitting On Glass Table Is The Funniest Thing Ever

Cat sitting on glass table

Cat sitting on glass table that gives us the funniest views

Wait what are we looking at here? It’s a cat sitting on glass table and we are underneath it. It’s pretty good, it’s spectacular! There’s something in the DNA of cats that allows them to look effortlessly luxurious wherever they are.

cats sitting on glass

Some people say they’re kind of like a liquid. I think they’re more like sand, like three bags of sand.

Cats sitting on glass table - Cats are liquid

Some people look at cats interacting with glass and they’re like look at how stupid this cat looks it doesn’t get it. It doesn’t know that it can’t penetrate this thing.

Cats sitting on glass table - cats interacting with glass

I think cats have a deeper understanding of glass and we give them credit for. They are really using the glass to its full potential. It’s just pushing itself against it.

You know when cats bring you like a dead animal, they’re trying to like teach you how to hunt, I think that’s what they’re doing here. I think they’re teaching us like how to be comfortable with our bodies or something.


The tragedy is that you can’t know what it feels like. I think cats like that you can’t touch them through the glass. They’re presenting this great thing that they have and they’re withholding it.

It’s kind of like in science museums when they cut a car in half or a computer or something and you get to see that cross-section of what’s inside. Now we know what’s inside of cats.

Cats sitting on glass table

You know that feeling you get when you see a really cute cat you just want to squeeze. I think what cats look like on glass is the physical embodiment of that feeling. If you don’t get that feeling, clearly, you don’t love cats enough.

Cute cat sitting on glass table

Cats sitting on glass table

Proving once again that cats are liquid

Cats are liquid

Beerus! Dragon Ball fans will approve…

Cat Sitting On Glass Table

Be careful don’t get it wet, or feed it after midnight

Cutest Gremlin Ever

Feeling Sleepy

Cats sitting on glass table - Feeling Sleepy

All cat owners absolutely need a glass table in their house. What’s the only thing better than seeing a cat sitting on glass table?