4 Creative Furniture Design Ideas Your Cat Will Love

Creative Furniture Design Ideas Your Cat Will Love

Cats love to look for cozy hiding spots or safe vantage points. So furniture that offers them such places can be a great option. Other bits of furniture can implement other needs, like their litter box or a scratching post.

Some people love their cats as much as they love their children. And for the most obsessive cat owners, only the best accessories, grooming products, and toys will do.

Any of these would make a great gift for that special cat in your life. And some of them look awesome as pieces of furniture in their own right, even before you consider that your kitty will love them, too.

1- Pura Is A Smart Water Fountain For Your Cat

Pura The Smart Water Fountain For Cat

Cats often suffered from dehydration because they’re finicky about their food and water source. Water quality and volume is vital to keep your cat hydrated and healthy.

PURA is a beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed smart water fountain for cats. it automatically monitors and keeps track of how much water your cat drinks.

The specially shaped water bowl allows your cats to drink water without letting their whiskers. The hassle-free water changing mechanism makes it easy for refills.

Pura, The activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filter allows your cat always has fresh and healthy water to drink. If you have more than one kitten no worries Pura it’s designed to work and synchronize with multiple Puras for multiple cats.

The pure app will provide a friendly yet insightful health reporting for your cat.

2- Modern Cat Furniture, The Kitty Ball Bed

Kitty Ball Bed

Say goodbye to the pet furniture of the past! The Kitty Ball Bed is a gorgeous and unique cat bed that is both comfortable and eye-catching.

If you are looking to give your cat a comfortable bed without sacrificing the style of your living space, then the kitty ball bed from the refined feline is an ideal solution.

The kitty ball bed gives your cat a roomy comfortable bed that’s off the ground but easy to get into. Its cushion is soft, removable, and machine washable. While the dome is 17 inches in diameter. Providing maximum space and comfort for your cat big or small.

Assembly of the vet is easy, place the dome over the base and screw into place with a tool provided.

Kitty Ball Bed, aesthetically pleasing

The wide column and weighted base keep the kitty ball bed safe and sturdy. Offered in hand-woven scratch-resistant faux rattan, the Kitty ball bed is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The kitty ball bed comfortable for your cat and beautiful in your home.

3- The Lotus Cat Shelves

The Lotus Cat Shelves

The Lotus branch and leaf cat shelves from the refined feline are modern and elegant.

Yet comfortable perches for your cat to lounge. The contoured design and soft Berber carpet provide a perfect spot for your cats to climb upon and curl in to.

Add multiple shelves to create your own unique catwalk or pair them with contemporary Lotus cat tower. your cat will love to scale up the tower and along the wall.

The combination of the Lotus tower and the shelves makes the statement that you not only love your cats but also have an eye for home design.

The Lotus Cat Shelves

The shelves are made with beautiful veneered bent ply and are offered in multiple stains. berber carpet covers the top of each shelf which can easily be replaced when worn.

Give your cats an elevated place to perch while creating an aesthetically pleasing space for your home with the lotus branch and leaf cat shelves from the refined feline.

4- K&H Outdoor Kitty House

Outdoor Kitty House

The neighborhood has a lot of homeless kitties running around. not to mention my own that likes to sneak out from time to time.

I always feel for them in the fall and winter. Then I found the outdoor kitty house from K&H, available both heated or unheated.

This unique shelter is ideal for garages, porches, barns, decks, and sheds. It assembles with ease in a matter of minutes, and no tools are needed.

Simply unwrap zip on the roof and secure the walls with the hook and loop adhesive strips. the heated model includes a 20-watt K&H heated electro soft weatherproof bed, to ensure your cat stays warm and comfortable.

It also includes a washable police cover that will help your pet feel cozy and warm even during bad weather.

Test the heat pad with a pillow by covering half of it for 30 minutes. Feel the uncovered side and then under the pillow to feel the sensational warm come for your pet experiences.

Outdoor Kitty House

This Kitty house also has two entrances. So if an unwanted visitor shows up at their front door, the kitty can escape quickly out the back.

The K&H outdoor Kitty house is warm and safe. I got my cat the exclusive outdoor kitty house from K&H. and let’s just say I feel a lot better about my outdoor kitties with four walls and a roof over their head.