How To Stop Cat Bites And Scratches

It’s useful to learn how to prevent biting and scratching, as well as how to react when this happens

How To Stop Cat Bites And Scratches
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Today let’s talk about things that you should do and things that you can do if your cat bites and scratches you. So how you can correct such a behavior and how you should react to it.

Kitten biting can be cute and harmless when your cat is a baby. But can turn painful as cats get bigger.

Cats bite and scratch for a variety of reasons. It’s important to understand why if you want to stop it.

Why does my cat bites and scratches me

The first way to address your cat’s biting is to look at reasons why your cat bites and scratches you in the first place.

So it could be a number of things, it could be playtime aggression, it could be petting aggression, it could be that your cat is simply frustrated or bored or it could be that your cat is asking you to stop doing something that you are doing but you just don’t hear them.

Here are our tips on how to stop your cat from biting and how to react if it happens:

1- Play aggression

cat bites and scratches, play aggression

Play sessions provide the best opportunity to teach your cat that it is not ok to bite, claw, scratch or play attack you when playing.

However, it is completely natural for a cat to act out on their hunting skills in a playtime session. But the cat should only be allowed to play using their paws and not their claws.

If you think that your cat goes after you during playtime and this is not just an incidental contact call a timeout.

So if your cat acts out by scratching or biting you, just stop the playtime immediately, and turn your back on the cat.

“If she’s biting your ankles, stop moving. She wants movement, so if you stay still, she won’t be getting her desired result.” Johnson-Bennett, Cat Behavior Associates.

Don’t resume playtime and ignore your cat completely for at least a minute. So after a few cycles of this, your cat should get the message.

If your cat doesn’t get the message, you can send even a stronger message. In this way, you can change the scenery.

If your cat doesn’t get it, just put the cat into a separate room for a few moments. So in this way, the cat will make a connection between biting you and fun times ending.

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