What Your Cat’s Color Says About Their Personality

Can a cat’s fur color tell us something about her personality?

What Your Cat's Color Says About Their Personality

One of the wonderful things about cats is the vast range of coat colors and patterns that makes each cat unique. But what does your cat’s color say about their personality? — Every domestic cat has a unique personality. Your beloved cat’s personality is shaped by various factors: their sex, upbringing, breed, and even the color of their coat.

Does cat’s color affect a cat’s personality?

Studies confirm that every fur color has its own specific feel to it. Fur color really does make a difference in both health and personality, but what about your fur baby? What does the color of their coat say about them? Well, let’s find out:

1- Cat’s color and personality: Black cat

Cat's color and personality - Black cat

For some reason, cats with black fur don’t get as much attention as their peers with different colored coats do. A study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science in 2002, showed that black cats along with brown ones are the least likely to be adopted. And that’s a real shame since black cats have such a unique personality.

Even though they can be a bit antisocial at times, they develop the deepest connection with our owners. Just don’t think that you can befriend a black cat right away. They’ll observe you from afar and then decide whether or not you’re worthy of their time. They may come off as unpredictable and stubborn, but they’re also very sensitive and shy. These black-clad introverts, usually prefer a calm indoor lifestyle.

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