What Your Cat’s Color Says About Their Personality

What Your Cat's Color Says About Their Personality

One of the wonderful things about cats is the vast range of coat colors and patterns that makes each cat unique. But what does your cat’s color say about their personality? — Every domestic cat has a unique personality. Your beloved cat’s personality is shaped by various factors: their sex, upbringing, breed, and even the color of their coat.

Does cat’s color affect a cat’s personality?

Studies confirm that every fur color has its own specific feel to it. Fur color really does make a difference in both health and personality, but what about your fur baby? What does the color of their coat say about them? Well, let’s find out:

1- Cat’s color and personality: Black cat

Cat's color and personality - Black cat

For some reason, cats with black fur don’t get as much attention as their peers with different colored coats do. A study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science in 2002, showed that black cats along with brown ones are the least likely to be adopted. And that’s a real shame since black cats have such a unique personality.

Even though they can be a bit antisocial at times, they develop the deepest connection with our owners. Just don’t think that you can befriend a black cat right away. They’ll observe you from afar and then decide whether or not you’re worthy of their time. They may come off as unpredictable and stubborn, but they’re also very sensitive and shy. These black-clad introverts, usually prefer a calm indoor lifestyle.

2- Cat’s color and personality: Brown cat

Cat's color and personality - Brown cat
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Due to genetics, brown chocolatey cat’s color is kind of rare among cats. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful brown cat, it’s probably very intelligent, friendly, and playful.

Brown cats are not the type to be super goofy, they’re rather elegant than sophisticated and they definitely love the attention.

3- Cat’s color and personality: Gray cat

Cat's color and personality - Gray cat

Gray fur indicates sophistication combined with wildness. Your cat can elegantly lie on your bed looking completely unbothered. But the second you show them a shiny or loud toy, they’ll be running towards it with pure excitement.

They like to have fun and can be quite mischievous at times. So, they basically have the best of both worlds.

4- Cat’s color and personality: White cat

Cat's color and personality - White cat

These cats are exceptionally gorgeous, don’t you think? Well, they do. Unfortunately, they don’t have the best genetics, they’re at a higher risk for congenital deafness and are prone to all types of vision problems and skin disorders. But despite all that, their personality is a true gem! They’re affectionate, loving and gentle, and they often follow their owners around the house.

On the other hand, they also enjoy spending all day in bed, which is something I think we can all relate to.

5- Cat’s color and personality: Orange cat

Cat's color and personality - Orange cat

If there is an award for the goofiest and funniest pets, cats with orange-colored fur would win every time. Apart from the obvious fact that ginger cats are simply adorable, they’re also very friendly and awkwardly cute.

Animal behavior experts sometimes state that male ginger cats are more assertive than female ones and aren’t afraid to be vocal about how they feel. But in spite of their occasional sassiness, there’s nothing they love more than attention and adoration.

6- Bi-colored cat

Cat's color and personality - Bi-colored cat

If your cat has more than one color in their coat, it may signify their complex personality. As far as bi-colored cats are concerned, tabby’s are natural hunters, they enjoy the process of running after a toy and snatching it up. The outdoor world is basically their Kingdom, they love to explore everything and are always curious about what’s going on outdoors.

Black and white cats are very resourceful, affectionate, and clever. A lot of these cats make friends easily but not for long.

Gray and white cats, on the other hand, can be quite naughty but no matter how much they misbehave at times, they’re irresistible energy charisma and cuteness always get them out of trouble.

Seal point cats, like Siamese kitties, for instance, are honest, assertive, and vocal. They often choose the leader of the pack in the family and express their love to them in particular. Owners of these cats also frequently describe them as being doglike.

7- Tri-colored cat

Cat's color and personality - Tri-colored cat

Calico cats are often perceived as unique and different and it’s true in many ways. These kitties are loving and lively, yet determined and independent. Their personality is never stable or predictable, they often change and are generally full of surprises.

In Japan, calico cats are thought to bring good luck to their owners. If you have a rare white brown and orange cat, you probably already know that they can be a bit aggressive at times, but that’s simply because they’re trying to protect their privacy and don’t like random people invading their space. Other than that, they’re sweet and gentle with the ones they love.

So, did these descriptions fit your furry friend’s personality? tell us in the comment below.