8 Things That Piss off Your Cats!

What could you be doing to annoy your kitty? Let’s take a look

8 Things That Piss off Your Cats

Cats can be fickle, if you own one, you know exactly what I mean. Cats have their own personalities. Some cats are rather lazy while others are talkative and frisky. Have you been trying to avoid making your cat angry? We count down the top 8 things that piss off your cats.

How to piss off your cats?

Don’t do any of these things, If you don’t want to piss off your cats. Because I will not be responsible for any scratching, biting, clawing, or gnawing.

And please don’t get upset at them if they do get mad.

8- Forceful attention

Piss Off Your Cat - Forceful attention

If you haven’t already noticed, most cats love affection and attention but only when it’s on their terms. If you were to force this affection upon them, they are probably not going to be a happy camper. Don’t get too mad at them for not wanting your love, it’s just because they are very independent by nature.

If you don’t know how to effectively force affection onto your cat, just pick them up and sit somewhere comfortable. When you’re ready, begin to essentially smother them with affection. Hold them up in front of you and sing or talk to them in the most annoying baby voice you can imagine. You can repeatedly say their name while you are waving your cat in the air to your made-up and quite annoying song. This is guaranteed to piss off your cats instantly.

Your cat may rub up against your leg or pounce on you when you’re trying to do something just because they want to get your attention. But when the affection is not on their terms, they are surely going to get mad and fight back.

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