How to Have a Happy Bengal Cat

How to Have a Happy Bengal Cat

To have a happy Bengal cat in an apartment, you have to think about giving him something to spend and what to be stimulated!

Play with your Bengal cat

The first thing you think about stimulation is, of course, the toys !! There are all kinds of toys specially designed for our little cats! such as a laser light, cat trees and why not suspended structures where he can climb and jump from one platform to another. Toys used for exercise can be great things for using for play time.

How to Have a Happy Bengal Cat

Don’t to leave all the toys available all the time, because the cat gets tired very quickly … Also from time to time, we show a toy and hop interest is there again! Of course, we don’t forget to play with the cat, not only it stimulates but also reinforces our links!

If classic TV also pleases some cats, their ideal TV remains above all: the window !! It is necessary that the cat can access a window and to pose in front to contemplate the passersby, the cars, the pigeons and other volatile or insects!

Happy Bengal cat = in good health

A happy Bengal cat in an apartment it’s also a healthy cat. Regular medical monitoring with the veterinarian is required! It also requires proper nutrition and stimulations to get him to exercise. Never feed any of the following foods: chocolate, candy, grapes, onions, garlic, wheat.

A lot of love for a happy Bengal cat:

a happy Bengal cat in an apartment is also a loved and respected cat. To give him love also means not to harass him with kisses or cuddles. We must respect the moments when he sleeps, where he plays alone, and also respect the signals he sends to ask you to stop your caresses!

Don’t hurt or yell at your Bengal cat. Yelling at your Bengal cat could cause it to ignore you too.