Springfield Woman Living With 80 Bengal Cats

Springfield woman living with 80 Bengal cats

According to Springfield Animal Control, a 67-year-old Springfield woman has grown overwhelmed with felines, these 80 Bengal cats living inside her 850-square-foot home.

The Bengal cat is very playful, so needs a lot of physical activity and space.

Debra Perryman, the owner, said “I take care of them well. And they’re all healthy…I just absolutely adore them. It just grew without me realizing it… I would have to say I am overwhelmed.”

Springfield animal control officer Brian Austin said “She is a very nice lady. I can tell she cares about the animals but unfortunately just simply due to the numbers and her attachment to them she has become extremely overwhelmed.”

Springfield woman living with 80 Bengal cats
Photo courtesy City of Springfield

Austin agreed that the felines are in good health and well-fed and groomed, and the owner has been taking great care of them.

“They’re well socialized, I’ll say that. They are better socialized than I thought they were going to be,” Austin said.

But Austin said that he is worried about the poor air quality inside the home caused by that many cats (amount of cat urine and feces).

“Any long-term exposure to the interior of this house, I can’t imagine it being anywhere near good for lungs or (the) respiratory system whatsoever,” Austin said.

One of the local and regional animal shelters (Greenhill Humane Society) ready to take almost all of her cats.

Megan Brezovar with Greenhill Humane Society said: “The Bengal is a very special breed of cat and not a very easy cat to have in your house, so having 80 cats in one home is pretty severe”.

The city of Springfield has offered to help find homes for some of her cats, and Perryman said that she is ready to accept the city’s help.

The city suggesting she keep no more than five of the animals.

“Figuring out what’s going to be best to support all of the cats to make sure that they get safe and caring homes and get all the medical care that they need,” Brezovar said.

Austin will be checking back with Perryman in the coming weeks to monitor the situation.