6 Signs You’re Your Cat’s Favorite

Sometimes it is necessary to ask ourselves if our cats love us

Cats show love

When we have a cat, it means we are necessarily a cat lover. Our balls of hair are precious to our eyes and we never get tired of their presence. But sometimes it is necessary to ask ourselves if our cats love us. How do cats show love?

Are they grateful for the love we have for them or the bowl of croquettes they are served each evening?

Be reassured, if cats don’t speak, they know how to show gestures undeniably revealing that they love us.

Here are 6 behaviors of your cat when he wants to show you that he loves you. Ways cats show love:

1. Cats show love when he follows you everywhere

Cats show love - Cats follows you everywhere

One wonders why even when one is in the toilet, the cat wants to be with us.

It’s the same when you’re strumming on the computer and it takes the sudden desire to lie on your keyboard.

Well, it’s just because he wants to be near you.

Ditto for the times when he sneaks against your legs while you walk, failing to make you fall …

It’s not to make you a joke in bad taste, it’s just that he wants to be against you.

According to Dr.Karen Becker, ” Rubbing against another creature is how cats show affection. If your kitty rubs up against your leg… he’s putting his scent on you as a way of claiming you as his own. It’s important to your relationship and bond with your cat to allow him to rub against you.”

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