6 Signs You’re Your Cat’s Favorite

Cats show love

When we have a cat, it means we are necessarily a cat lover. Our balls of hair are precious to our eyes and we never get tired of their presence. But sometimes it is necessary to ask ourselves if our cats love us. How do cats show love?

Are they grateful for the love we have for them or the bowl of croquettes they are served each evening?

Be reassured, if cats don’t speak, they know how to show gestures undeniably revealing that they love us.

Here are 6 behaviors of your cat when he wants to show you that he loves you. Ways cats show love:

1. Cats show love when he follows you everywhere

Cats show love - Cats follows you everywhere

One wonders why even when one is in the toilet, the cat wants to be with us.

It’s the same when you’re strumming on the computer and it takes the sudden desire to lie on your keyboard.

Well, it’s just because he wants to be near you.

Ditto for the times when he sneaks against your legs while you walk, failing to make you fall …

It’s not to make you a joke in bad taste, it’s just that he wants to be against you.

According to Dr.Karen Becker, ” Rubbing against another creature is how cats show affection. If your kitty rubs up against your leg… he’s putting his scent on you as a way of claiming you as his own. It’s important to your relationship and bond with your cat to allow him to rub against you.”

2. Cats show love when he brings you “gifts”

Cats show love - Cat Bringing You Dead “Gifts”

We tend to be annoyed when our little balls of hair come back with their prey.

Birds, mice … The cat is a big hunter (the house cat of course), has your cat ever brought you animals that they hunted? Know that in fact he just thank you. For him, it’s a gift!

Amy Shojai, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, writes, ” Cats love with gifting. Mighty hunter cats that catch everything from toys to bugs, mice or frogs, often share the bounty with those they love. Kitties who present you with this bounty deserve praise. They wouldn’t bring these special gifts if they didn’t love you.”

3. Cats show love when he gives you a little headbutt

When cat gives you a little headbutt

Between humans, we don’t do that. Or, we do it and it is at the risk of getting very bad.

Moreover, to give oneself headbutts is nothing cordial between people.

But for cats, it’s a big sign of affection.

It serves them to present their feelings and when they rub their heads against you, it is as if they were trying to leave traces of their scent on you to prove to you that they are happy whether you are their master or their mistress.

4. Cats show love when he staring into your eyes for a long time

bengal cat staring

If you share a strong bond with your cat, you may have already seen him staring at you, and slowly blinking.

Know that this is a sign of great affection! In cat language, it means that he has absolute confidence in you, and he encourages you to have confidence in him too: it is the equivalent of smiling in humans, a sign that an individual sends to another to tell him that he is friendly and will never hurt him.

Dr. Karen Becker writes that “This might be the display of cats love that is easiest for humans to understand. If your kitty first stares at you, then blinks, then opens his eyes wide, then slowly blinks a second time, he’s telling you he loves and trusts you. It’s the equivalent of being kissed, in fact.”

5. When he kneads your leg with his paws

Bengal cat Kneading

When a cat presses your leg or knee alternately with his paws, it’s not just to scratch! If you observe his behavior when he makes his claws on the carpet or the chair, it has nothing to do.

This is a way for him to show you his affection.

According to PetMD experts, “If a cat kneads your arm or your leg, she is generally saying that she likes you. As kittens, cats knead their mothers when nursing, and this behavior carries over into adulthood. It’s a cat’s way of saying she’s comfortable and relaxed in your presence, Simms says. “

You can always put something between your cat and your knee, like a blanket, to prevent this demonstration of love from turning your leg into a steak tartare.

6. Purring

bengal cat purring

You have already heard your cat purring. Like most things with cats, purring is more complex than it appears on the surface.

In fact, purring is behavior that is not yet fully understood by the ethologists [scientists who analyze animals’ behavior, Ed]. What is obvious, is that this is something quite amazing: cats only purr in the presence of humans.

It is, therefore, a privileged way to communicate between them and us.

According to expert Amy Shojai, “The purring of cats can mean many things, from happiness to the expression of worry. “

So when you’re deciding if your cat’s purr means affection, take a cue from the situation.

However, it can purr at a specific frequency in your presence. If so, this is an ultimate demonstration of his love for you.