How To Give Your Cat a Long and Healthy Life?

How to give your cat a long and healthy life

A healthy diet will give your cat a long, healthy life and appearance, it must, therefore, be adapted and quality.

Let’s face it, no matter what you feed your cat, they can get bored with a fixed diet.

However, a fixed diet is what’s best for cats and is most recommended by nutritionists and veterinarians.

Active and muscular, Bengal needs a diet containing lipids in small quantities, which is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals to ensure a sufficient energy intake.

Unsaturated fatty acids help preserve the radiance and softness of the coat.

Be careful, this breed of cat has a fragile stomach causing him especially young digestive problems.

One way to avoid them is to use ultra yeast available in pharmacies for a few weeks to strengthen its intestinal flora.

Be careful not to give too much of the food you eat (leftovers), too many treats and not to change your diet abruptly, which will cause diarrhea.

Croquettes or pâté?

Ah, that’s the big question! All veterinarians we saw for our cats advised to prefer the croquettes and to give pâté from time to time, to please them.

The first reason given is that croquettes – since they contain less water than pâtés – push cats to drink more (but they are also criticized for this reason, considering them responsible for kidney failure).

The second is that it is easier to measure the amount of food given and that there is an important variety of croquettes that can meet the needs of each animal (sterilized, apartment, etc.).

Again, by choosing premium croquettes you are relatively immune to kidney problems.

The water fountain is great. Why invest?

Because cats are reluctant to drink regularly and the fountain intrigues, attracts and makes them drink!

Have you ever noticed how they like to drink at taps or puddles?

diet, cat drink at taps

This is because the water is moving and the fountain reproduces these small movements.

For pâtés, must contain meat (at least 50%), water, cereals, broth and basta! So you can forget the supermarket pâtés.

Tips for everyday life

– Cats are small gourmands.

It is better not to share our plate with them too much.

Here you will find a list of foods that are toxic to them.

Canned tuna is bad because it doesn’t contain taurine and can cause heart problems.

It is also too salty, which is not terrible for their kidneys.

Of course, a small shrimp from time to time, a little cheese spread on the finger will not kill them but avoid giving them too often – and especially not in replacement of croquettes and pâté!

– From the age of 7, the kidneys of cats become more fragile.

To check that their urea and creatinine levels are good (and therefore to prevent any risk of kidney failure), ask your veterinarian to have an annual blood test.

-When your cat loses his appetite, and his hair becomes less bright and flexible, do not wait to go consult.

In general, be very vigilant with your behavioral changes.

I still see far too many pet owners waiting for the last minute to go to the vet.

You are responsible for her health and she must not suffer from your negligence.

His life depends on us.