Bengal Kitten: 12 Tips for Bringing a New Kitten Home

When bringing a Bengal kitten into your home, it’s best to make sure you’re prepared

9. High-quality food

Changes in diet and water, even litter and environment can cause minor diarrhea and other problems.

Feed your kittens high quality canned kitten food and introduce the kittens to mom’s raw diet as well so that they are eating the most nutritious food possible as they develop.

When feeding a raw diet it’s very important to follow a strict recipe that includes all of the ingredients essential to your kitten’s health – especially in the case of Bengals. They need extra taurine in their diet, for instance.

You will need to purchase a good meat grinder in order to prepare the raw diet. Don’t worry if you’re not prepared to feed your Bengal kitten a raw diet – he has been used to quality canned kitten food as well, so you are fine to feed canned exclusively.

A wet diet rather than dry kibble is the best choice.

10. Cat bed

A nice cozy bed is a great idea for the new member of the family. Your Bengal kitten will soon know that this is his special place. Choose a bed that is well constructed and machine washable.

11. Leash and Harness for outdoor walks

We find the retractable dog leashes work best as they allow more freedom of movement for exploring the outdoors and can be pulled in shorter when more control is needed or for training purposes.

12. Cat Wheel!

Consider purchasing a cat wheel for your Bengal kitten. Bengals have more energy to burn than you can imagine and a wheel in your home will promote proper daily exercise and ensure that behavioral issues resulting from boredom and pend up energy will not develop.

So these are all the basic items that you need to get started with a kitten.

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