Bengal Cat Generations, What F-Series Is The Best?

Bengal Cat Generations

It was in 1963 that the cross between a domestic cat and a wildcat, the Bengal leopard cat gives birth to the first Bengal. Jean Sugden, a geneticist in California, who makes this first cross with a wildcat.

She wanted to create a breed of domestic cats with the appearance of a wild cat and the character of a domestic cat.

For this, she chooses a black cat of the American Shorthair breed. From these crossings are derived hybrids called “F1” (1st generation) then “F2” (2nd generation), semi-wild cats. The “F” is short for “Filial”, a word that means “befitting a good son or daughter.”

The first three Bengal cat generations are called foundation cats, filials, or early Bengal cat generations. The name “Bengal” comes from the ALC’s scientific name, Prionailurus Bengalensis.

To better understand the Bengal cat generations

  • Prionailurus Bengalensis (or Asian leopard cat) x domestic cat = Hybrid F1 (1st generation)
  • Hybrid F1 x domestic cat = Hybrid F2 (2nd generation)
  • The next generation will be an F3 and so on…

What F-series (Bengal cat generations) is the best?

Bengal cats called “domestic” must at least belong to the 4th and 5th generations to participate in competitions or exhibitions and be sold to individuals.

If you’re in the market to get a domestic Bengal Cat it’s likely that you’ll get something that’s over 5 generations away from the wild ALC (Asian Leopard Cat ).

It was in 1985 that Jean Mill after many years of selection and a lot of work. That she presents her Bengal cats at feline shows. This small indoor cat was a great success with the public who adopted it immediately.

Sometime later, TICA (the international cat association) officially recognized it among cat breeds. He participated in his first championship in 1991.

Bengal Cats at a TICA Cat Show

Today, Bengal is a huge success around the world. Its success should not stop there if we consider the considerable number of pages on Facebook and the Internet that extol the Bengal merits.