8 Things That Piss off Your Cats!

What could you be doing to annoy your kitty? Let’s take a look

7- Sudden loud noises

Piss Off Your Cat - Sudden loud noises

Most animals don’t particularly like loud noises. But one animal that absolutely hates it, is the house cat. Loud noises trigger the flight response and cats fearing that they are in danger. A cat will jolt its whole body to the sound of something loud happening: fireworks, car alarms, honking, yelling, and thunder. All of these are noises that your cat is sure to absolutely hate. An automatic response cats have is to hide after they hear an alarming noise.

Some cats have a substantial fear of loud noises. For example, a cat that has this fear can exhibit anxious behavior before something such as thunder happens. sometimes all it takes is a loud sneeze to scare your cat and really make them pissed you.

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