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Everything you wanted to know about Bengal cats

The Ultimate Bengal Cat Guide

In this ultimate Bengal cat guide, you can find everything you wanted to know about the Bengal cat (history, personality, temperament, healthcare, grooming, breeding, buying, cost, and more facts).

What is the ideal weight for your Bengal cats when will they become an adult? How big should your cats be? What’s the price of a Bengal cat? And what Influences this price? How expensive are they after purchase?

These questions, and more, people keep asking about Bengal cats, and we answer those in this guide.

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Ultimate Bengal Cat Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to The Bengal Breed
Bengal Cat Genetics
Physical Characteristics
Colors and Patterns

Chapter 2: Bengal Cat Personality and Temperament

Chapter 3: How to Keep Your Bengal Perfectly Groomed
Brushing Bengals
Washing Bengals
Cleaning Bengals’ Ears
Cleaning Bengals’ Eyes
Oral Hygiene
Nail Clipping
Overhauling Your Bengal Cat Care Routine

Chapter 4: Bengal Healthcare
Taking Care of a Bengal’s Health
Potential Health Problems

Chapter 5: Cost and Other Things to Consider Before Buying a Bengal Cat
Bengal Cat Price and Costs Involved
What’s the Price Range?
What Influences the Price of a Bengal Cat?
How Expensive Are They After Purchase?

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