Bengal Kitten: 12 Tips for Bringing a New Kitten Home

When bringing a Bengal kitten into your home, it’s best to make sure you’re prepared

6. Feliway Comfort Zone plug-ins for cats

These plug-ins provide continuous feline pheromones in the air, which are very soothing and comforting to Bengal kittens, and are odorless to people.

If you sense any stress at all in your kitten when you bring him home, get one for every room. These will make a huge difference in keeping your household environment calm for your Bengal kitten.

7. Toys!!

Bengal kittens love to play. It’s their survival instinct and throughout their lives, kittens and cats emulate hunting in their play. Providing them with suitable toys helps to ensure they fulfill this need.

You will need to be very selective in the type of toys you choose as kittens love to chew, and you need to be careful to avoid toys with small strings or beads that can be swallowed and stuck in the kitten’s throat or intestinal tract.

8. Pet carrier

You’ll need to have a carrier for the safety of traveling with your Bengal kitten, and for trips to the vet. The carrier should be large enough for the kitten to stand up in and turn around, and do remember that your Bengal kitten will not be little for long!! Choose a sturdy carrier with plenty of ventilation that will still allow your kitten to stand up and turn around in when he is fully grown.

We like the carriers that allow you to open them from the top as they are very convenient for removal of the Bengal kitten.

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